The best doctors

Our agency is focused on recruiting and representing only the finest doctors. Unlike other agencies, we personally interview and carefully screen potential candidates prior to any placement. We understand that from time-to-time, this will involve us having to turn down applicants; our focus is on excellence, sustainability, and developing long-term professional relationships by delivering high quality candidates who are well matched to your needs.


Peace of mind

Whether it's a busy tertiary hospital, a private clinic or a public-private partnership (PPP), Medical Locums Australia is focused on providing a highly selective, tailored service to address your specific recruitment needs.




We are dedicated to giving clients a personalised experience and ensuring your satisfaction each step of the way. We take time to listen and understand your recruitment needs. Our staff pride themselves on being approachable, attentive and friendly. 

We always welcome your enquiries and feedback. At the completion of term, we will ask you to rate your experience with our service, helping us further tailor our service delivery.

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